Música que Escuchan los Signos

Buenos días amorcetes!

Hoy os traigo una minientrada sobre recomendaciones de Música Según tu signo del zodíaco.

Como siempre este tipo de post son para entretenernos y pasar un buen rato.


Pink floyd: The wall
The rollings stones: Angie
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

TAURO: 1930’s

Jimmy Durante: Inka Dinka doo
Gold diggers: we are in the money
Judy Garlant: Somewhere over the rainbow

GEMINIS: 2000’s

Eminen: The real Slim Shady
Shakira: whenever, whenever
Beyonce: Single Ladies

CANCER: 1900’s

The peerless orchestra: Ma tigger lily
Maria Callas: Madame Butterfly
Billy Murray: Give my regards to Brodway

LEO: 1980’s

Madonna: Like a player
Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal
Ac/Dc: Back in Black

VIRGO: 1910’s

Sophie tuker: some of these days
Chaunsey Olcott: when irish eyes smiling
Ernestine Schumann: Danny Boy.

LIBRA: 1950’s

Genne Kelly: Singin in the rain
Elvis Presley: Hound on
Ritchie Vals: La Bamba

ESCORPIO: 1940’s

Frank Siniestra:I’ll never smile again
Mills Brothers: Till them
Louis Jordan:Caldonia


Nirvana: Smell like teen spirit
Guns & Roses: November Rain
Britney Spears: Baby one more time


Louis Amstrong: Muskart Ramble
Paul Robberson: Ol’ man river
Vernon Dalhart: The prisioner’s song


The Beatles: Yesterday
The animals: House of the rising sun
Led Zeppelin: whole lotta love


Adele: Rolling in the deep
Taylor swift: Red
One Direction: What makes you beautiful

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Un saludo!

Créditos: Mente de un Escorpio